Rutland Wells

22 yr old Druid




5 short spears 4 attack; Damage 1D62

Craft (leatherworking)10
Handle Animal
Knowledge Nature+13
Spell Craft+8

Animal Companion: Manchester(polar bear)
Low light vision
Share Spells
Link +4 handle animal




Rutland Wells is 22 years old. He has lived on his own most of his life and has no memories of his parents or family. Nature is his God, his family, and his friend. Nature is what has sustained his life, protected him and given him his love, his pregnant wife, a nymph. During the last 12 years of his life, he has had many trials and tribulations that have shaped him into the man he is today. When he was 10 years old he went out exploring. He was far from where he called his home, more of a camp, where he kept a few belongings. He never kept more than he could carry but like to make tools he had seen from passing villagers, dwarves, and elves. He liked to tinker. Out on this expedition, he found himself in an area of the woods he had only been to a few times. Looking for berries and treats to bring back to the animals that liked to play around where he kept his camp, he heard a frightening noise behind him. A noise that sent shivers through his entire body. As he heard this the wind began to pick up, but it wasn’t the wind he used to, it felt invigorating, powerful. He felt his entire body tingle, his heart began to race and his muscles began to move. Something inside of him began to control his body as he ran. He ran faster than he had ever felt his body move and he outran the panther that had begun chasing him. By the time his body began to calm down he heard a struggle down the path. He left the path and walked into the woods to investigate. He came upon an Elf who was cornered by a gang of goblins. Rutland ambushed the goblins, spearing the gang before they could cry out. He has killed the goblins and saved the Elf. The elf was the son of the chief in a nearby village. The young elf took Rutland back to his village where the tribe took him in with open arms, eternally grateful for saving the young elf’s life. He spent a lot of time with this tribe, becoming an apprentice of an older wise elf. He was taught how to work with leather and become proficient in his craft. Becoming closer and closer to the tribe he began to spend more time here. He fell in love with a beautiful young elf. When Rutland left to go back to his camp to take care of his duties there to the local animals and to take some alone time with his mother, nature, which he greatly desired often but loved the attention from the elves and the way their village worked. When he arrived back to the villiage, everyone was attending a great feast. He walks up onto the festivities, seeking his love to hold her in his arms and feel the warm embrace of her love, he sees her across the way sitting in an older elvish man’s lap, stroking his hair, kissing his face, in a way she only did when they were together. He didn’t say a thing as he turned to leave. Feeling a break in his heart he had never felt before. On his way out of the village he was flagged down by some familiar elves. The called him over, offering him food and drink. He politely declined their invitation but they could tell he was bothered. Rutland refusing to talk about the situation tried to leave. The Elves were chewing on some leave, something Rutland wasn’t very familiar with. They offered him some, and when he refused they began to tell him how the earth had supplied these leaves to them to make them stronger, and more connected with the world around them. It was hard for Rutland to deny anything that the earth supplied. The earth has been taking care of him since before he can remember. Saving his life and after an attack from an ogre, providing him with studded leather armor from the vines that encased his body while be recovered, protecting him. The leaves on his studded armor have never wilted and glow a dark green as though life streamed through them all these years. Nothing from the earth has caused him harm. Feeling defeated and hearing the Elves talk about the connection they have with the earth around them and crediting this deep connection with the leaves they were chewing, Rutland decided to partake. Little did he know this would cause him great pain in his life and dependency he had never experienced before. While out traveling one day looking for these precious leaves that seemed to be controlling his every move in life he came upon a beautiful city with people of such beauty he had never seen before. He tried to speak to them but they didn’t seem to realize he was among them. The next day he awoke, laying in a pool of his own drool, with the remains of the leaves he was chewing falling out of his mouth, stuck to his face and clenched in his hands. He rubbed the dirt from his eyes to see a group of young Elves laughing and pointing at him. They made him feel ignorant and below them. Something he had never experienced before. The elves always treated him as an equal. They mocked at his dependency of the leaves. After the group of young elves left another elf approached. Empathizing with him and explaining the young ones didn’t understand the strength it took to eat such a strong herb. He helped Rutland up and told him that if he ever needed more strength, Rutland could come to him and he would help him and give him what he needed. Rutland came to this elf several times a day and after a while he began to strip the plants all around the village, starving the Elves from their own supply. The Elf that had been offering him the leaves told Rutland he was his slave now, indebted to him for stripping the supply. He began to treat Rutland poorly, calling him his “lowly bitch.” Rutland left in the night to go back to where he called home. When he arrived he was tired and his body was shaking. He began to meditate and ask the Goddess of nature, his mother as he called her so often, for help and strength. This didn’t seem to help or more of less Rutland refused to allow it to help and he began keeping his own supply nearby and rationing what he had so he never had to go back to the Elvish villages again and knowing if he did he may never be able to leave. While meditating one day for several hours, he opened his eyes due to a warmth that had come over his body and the refreshing breeze in the air. He saw a woman, more beautiful that he had ever seen before staring at him. He looked human at first but the more he traced her body with his eyes he saw clearly she was a Nymph. She was the embodiment of beauty. She was intrigued by him. She saw that he was human but could tell he had the strength and protection of the earth in him. She caressed his arms with her hands and explained how the toxins in his veins should have killed him by now and she has never seen a human with the ability to survive with such poison in his body. She felt the flow of life through him that mother nature had given him as well. They began to talk and share stories of the world and the secrets of their mother nature. She stayed with him for over a year and during this year they fell in love. She became pregnant and Rutland thought he had a life that he could have only dreamed of. During her pregnancy, he noticed some things, things that began to worry him even though he only heard the strength in her voice. As the seasons changed, she did not. The glow from her body seemed to fade. Rutland ventured out into the woods regularly looking for answers to why his beautiful love seemed to be fading away. How could something so beautiful and strong fade away while growing a life, his own seed, inside of her. On one of these journeys, he crossed paths with a man, a young man close to his age but a few years younger. This man claimed to be Rutland’s younger brother. He talked about stories he heard his parents tell about a son they had, a son they lost while fleeing from a terrible monster who had taken down their village. He urged Rutland to come with him but as Rutland had no memory of him, he refused. Even though he couldn’t remember any part of this man’s story he felt oddly connected to him. Denying the man’s story to be true he went back home to his beloved who by the minute seemed to become dimmer and dimmer as the life slowly left her. One cold morning Rutland hear a grunt outside his door, picking up his spear and ready to kill the intruder he opened the door to find a baby cub. The cub came into he house as if he had lived there his whole life and went over to Rutland’s shivering wife and snuggled up next to her, sharing his body heat with her, she no longer shivered. Rutland thanked their mother nature for this blessing and befriended the cub, naming him Manchester, in hopes he would be Rutland’s partner in defending his family when the time came. As the weeks passed and the nymph grew weaker, Rutland had a pull in his body to leave his home. After much meditation, he couldn’t understand why he was being urged to leave. Was it to find the cure for his wife, to investigate the bizarre story the stranger in the woods spoke about, claiming to be his family? Unsure of himself for the first time in a long time, he packed his things, expressed his need to find these answers to his wife, he and Manchester set out on their journey. A journey for life and answers. He came upon a town looking for adventures to set out on a quest. Not knowing where to go and how to begin his own personal journey, Rutland answered the call for adventurers hoping this would give him the chance to find what he was looking for.

Rutland Wells

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